The first couple of days

Well I have pretty much settled in to my new home for the next 10 months. I live in an apartment with 7 other people and share are room with a roommate. Her name is Jamie and she went to  school at Madison, so we can be Badger fans together!!! There is another apartment just across the hall with 7 other people on the program. We have spent lots of time together, getting to know each other and all of our different stories. Everyone is very nice and is wonderful to hang out with. I sometimes feel awkward or lonely, but I think everyone is having that kind of feeling, since it is the beginning. I know it will take time to get more comfortable with each other and that is okay. I am literally living on the beach. If I look outside my window, I can see the sea. IT IS AMAAZING and so beautiful!!! (picture below) I have gone to the beach everyday so far that we have been here…aka all 5 days! (yes including Tuesday) We have been exploring of the city. We have gone to the mall and the supermarkets and little shuks all over town. On Wednesday we had orientation with our sister city, Ramala. It was nice meeting them as well. We had a nice family dinner the second night to celebrate one of the housemates birthdays. I am living with people who can cook, which is so wonderful!!! =) On Thursday we went to dinner at this amazing restaurant called Petra. It was Georgian food and it was to die for. We all shared our different meals with each other, it was so good. I love being in a country where everything is very fresh. It is so wonderful!!! For Shabbat some of us went to the shul and then we all had dinner together. It was a nice night relaxing. It has been hot, do not get me wrong, but I love living so close to a beach and in a beach city, much different than Milwaukee. Well off to more adventures to write about soon.



11949335_978074238879772_1174284971646661958_nthe view outside our balcony

11951851_979494935404369_4706947301957540364_nSome of the group celebrating Shabbat together!


One thought on “The first couple of days

  1. Mariss, we are thrilled that things are so positive. It is really neat hearing from you and knowing that all is going well. We got a new puppy yesterday, a 7 year old apricot poodle. Her name is Ms Bebe. She is scared, but I think all will be fine. Jo Jo likes her and we hope she will like us. We love you and can’t wait to get more blogs from you. All our love, Nanny and Gramps.


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