Sandstorms, The Negev, and Eilat OH MY

Well it has been a couple of weeks since I last posted. Lots of things have happened since then. Here is a brief description of what has happened the past two weeks. I experienced my first sandstorm. It literally was nuts and everything was yellow and you couldn’t see anything…. truly an experience that I will have forever. My partner and I went to our school that we will be teaching at and there was a welcome committee. It was so cute! (picture below) I am excited to work with these kids. But the schools are nothing like the ones in the US. Organized chaos is alive and full in these classrooms, it is just how the Israeli school system works. We have had some orientations with the other Israel Teaching Fellows around the country. I spent Shabbat and Havdalah in Jerusalem with Ben Azriel and Rachel Podell, friends from camp, and some other HUC students. It was really great to be back in a Reform community that I felt comfortable with. For Rosh Hashana, I spent it with Michal, Ro’ee, and their adorable children. (they were the shlichim that were in Milwaukee for three years) It was super wonderful and relaxing. I loved seeing them and seeing what their family life was like in Israel. After Rosh Hashana we went to the Negev and Eilat. The Negev was nice, we hiked and slept in a badawin tent. Eilat was really great. It was hot and the water was amazing. I went on a glass bottom boat with some of my friends(picture below). It was sooo cool seeing the coral reef! I would love to maybe go back and spend some more time there. I love it so much. I am excited to see what the adveture ahead holds.

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One thought on “Sandstorms, The Negev, and Eilat OH MY

  1. Fabulous. So glad you are having the experience of a lifetime. Keep enjoying. Your students are going to love you. Love and hugs Nanny and Gramps


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