So many Jewish Holidays!

These past couple of weeks have been filled with Jewish Holidays! There is like one every week!!!! It’s crazy. Well I went and shadowed at school twice last week. I got to see what the English teachers were doing in the classes and how I would fit into them. It was exciting to see how I could help in the class. I am excited to see where it goes. I am starting to think of some things that I can do with them to make it fun and interesting. Last week was Yom Kippur, the day of atonement and asking G-d for your sins that you might have committed over the year. It was one of the holiest days of the year. In Israel, the entire country shuts down. No one drives on the roads, nothing is open, it is crazy. I saw so many kids in the middle of the street biking and playing. It was so interesting to see because in America, you would never see that, ever. I was in Haifa with a camper and his family from this summer. It was really wonderful. His family is so great and kind and welcoming. We has such amazing food before the fast and going to synagogue with them was so nice. It was so enjoyable being at a reform synagogue. Sure everything was in Hebrew, but I knew most of the prayers and melodies. It really reminded me of home. I am excited to go back an hangout with him and his family, they were really great (picture below). For Shabbat I went to Jerusalem with some of my housemates. We went to this woman’s house who is modern orthodox who we met a couple of weeks ago and met some other ITF, Israel Teaching Fellows. Everyone was so sweet and the food was amazing. The family we stayed with had something in common with all of us, it was crazy. They used to live in Denver and knew of my great aunt and great uncle. It was a wonderful Shabbat. This week is Sukkot, the harvest holiday where temporary booths are put up to reside in to remember our journey in the desert for 40 years. Some of the Ashdod crew went to Ramla and built a sukkah in their backyard for Sukkot. It was fun building a sukkah and decorating it just like pretty much every other family in Israel(picture below). I went to Tel Aviv  with my friends from HUC Sunday-Tuesday. I got a ring that I am super excited about and had some great food. we were like one block from the beach in the airbnb that we used. It was so nice. It was nice to just relax and enjoy the company that I was with. Some of us went to a comedy show in Tel Aviv for the night. There were multiple comedians that performed and they were funny. It was English night so they all preformed in English which was nice. There was one guy who was hysterical. He was the best by far. I hope there are more comedy shows that we can go to. Well it has been a month of being here today and it has been great! Sure there are some low points but there are also many high points. I am looking forward to seeing what adventure is to come. 

12042981_990701604283702_2807350583685325242_n(#TeamAshdod and #TeamRamla built a Sukkah)

 11224369_990701400950389_5418530614917534827_n(Tomer, my camper from this summer)

12063630_990701650950364_8640590613405640475_n(Sunset from our AirBnB in Tel Aviv)


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