The C word….COMMUNITY!

 There are so many different communities in our world. Each one of us is part of so many different communities. Take a minute to think about what communities you are a part of. Really thinking about it, they might not be right in front of you face, you might have to dig deep into what they are. Communities form this world.

     One community that I am apart of here is the teachers at my school. My co-partner and I went out to a mall called Big Fashion with the computer teacher from our school. She is great and our age. It has really been wonderful getting to know her because it is nice having a person at school that I can hang out with. Her English is really awesome!!!!  I am looking forward to getting to know her better. Another person that I met from my teacher community that I met is the drama teacher. We had a nice conversation on the bus home one day. She told me how she loved traveling and that if she were to do life over again, she would not live in Israel. She loves Israel but there are a lot of things that she disagrees with. I thought it was interesting point of because I haven’t really heard that from an Israeli, so I enjoyed hearing it.

     The second community that I am a part of here is my housemates and roommates. We did some bonding as a group with Chana, American Israeli. Chana came and baked Challah with us. It was amazing and so fun. She brought over all of the ingredients. We weren’t all there but it was a good group. Chana taught us all how to do a six braid. I made my challah very sweet. I put chocolate chips in it and then put Nutella on top with a crumble on top of that. OMG it was the best challah I have ever had. Everyone really enjoyed making challah.

     The third community that I have become a part of since being here is the Masa Israel community. Last weekend, I got to do a weekend of learning with a whole bunch of different MASA fellows from different programs and different countries. We were staying on Kibbutz Kramim which is 20 minutes outside of Ber-Sheva. We talked about community and what they mean to us. We got to meet different people that were part of different communities in Ber-Sheva and on the Kibbutz. It was a really fun and interesting weekend. I am so glad that I got to be part of such an amazing and impactful community.

     The fourth community that I am part of is the volunteer community in Israel. I started volunteering at my school. I volunteered in the excellence class for 5th and 6th grade. Then helped with the kids that did not really know Hebrew. All of the work was great. I really am glad that I get to help the kids after school to help them improve their English. I want to get a group of girls together, kind of like Girl Scouts, to hang out and talk English and learn different skills. Hopefully I will be able to develop it in to actual reality. 

     The sixth community that I feel part of is the Reform Jewish community. I was having serious FOMO, fear of missing out, of all the URJ Biennial posts that I kept seeing. I really wish I could have been there, but my mom was there so she did a pretty great job of being sure that I was apart of it somehow. I got videos and lots and lots of selfies for her. I did facetime a couple times with her while being there. I got to facetime in for my longest friend concert, Jacob “Spike”‘. It was really amazing and I was so grateful for technology to be able to be apart of the conference even for a little bit. 

    The fifth community that I am part of here/ home is the camp community. I have become really become close with one of my counselors from Chalutzim. We have been hanging out alot since being here. It is really great because I know when things get tough I will always have a great people to hang out with. (Things have been great, I was just stating for future) Well anyways Ofir and I did the running in color event yesterday! IT WAS AMAZING and so fun!!!! I am so glad that I decided to do it. I don’t like running very much but when color is getting thrown at you it makes it a little more enjoyable.

      Well all this talk about community, I really miss my community at home. I hope that you are all doing well and are having a great year. I hope with everything going on in the world, you are going to be kinder to everyone around you and hug the ones you love a little tighter. I know I will.

Well here is some exciting news… I WROTE A BLOG FOR Masa Israel and ITS ON THEIR WEBSITE, SO YOU SHOULD GO SEE IT!!!!!!



12187801_1005872686099927_4594105952089887518_nFacetiming to hear one of my favorite Jewish Musicians preform

12188983_1006264226060773_3050417801160157639_nThe group of Masa Israel people that I spent most of my weekend with last weekend

12189128_1008280469192482_7368991370098954585_nRunning in Color Before, Middle, and After

12190916_1004760369544492_7776737391784867720_nBecoming Professional Challah Bakers


One thought on “The C word….COMMUNITY!

  1. So glad to hear you are doing so well in Israel! We miss you here, but are thrilled you are having and sharing your experiences. Be well and safe.


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