You know you’re in Israel when….

   (Sorry for the lack of pictures in this post, my computer is not letting me save any.)

      Before I start with my list of you know you’re in Israel when, I will give a quick update on my life. Last week, my teacher wasn’t feeling the greatest, but I still showed up for work because I missed my kids so much. Last Tuesday, I taught the entire 4th grade by myself! It was a little nerve racking at first, because I was like what the heck am I going to do! Well being a camp counselor has prepared me to think on my toes and know how to deal with any situation that I am dealt. It also has given me many back pocket games that I can turn into English games. (Thanks OSRUI! You should all really considering working at a summer camp, you won’t regret it!!!) The kids enjoyed! Then I went to the swimming pool with the 5th graders. Over all it was a great day. The week continued to be great. I missed my kids so much when I was at the leadership conference.

       Last Shabbat I went to my teacher’s house. Her husband’s kids were there and the littlest one was really cute. She doesn’t really know the English, so we had a mini English lesson. Then she wanted to tell a story. It was in Hebrew, I am happy to say that I understood most of it. We would tell her to slow down in Hebrew and she would get quieter instead of getting slower. It was so cute! This past Monday, was the 1st day of Channukah. At school we did fun Channukah games and had a little Channukah play. Monday night I went to my friends concert in Ashdod. She did a great job. It was a nice way to start our Channukah break. On Tuesday I went to Tel Aviv to met my friends Lisa and Amanda. We walked around the shuk and got some dinner. Than we went to a leadership summit reunion at a bar. It was a nice bar and a great day. Wednesday was a relaxing day here in Ashdod. On Thursday I went to Tzuba with some other alumni to talk to the current attendees of EIE. It was so fun being back there. For this Shabbat, I went to Modi’in to visit Rachel (the Hebrew director from camp). Her family was so great. It was a really nice Shabbat. I am so glad that I got to see her and spend sometime with her.

    So now here is my list (it will probably grow as time goes on) of “you know you’re in Israel when” (all intended for good feel and not to be offensive)

  • When reading the list, it always starts with You know you’re in Israel when….

    • winter means 60 degrees and big puffy winter jackets, hats, gloves, and scarfs have all come out.

    •  the bus says its coming in 5 minutes, it really means it has just passed or that it really means 20 minutes.

    • time is just a concept. There is not rush to get to a certain place or start a certain meeting. It is a very go with the flow kind of thing.

    • Israelis can’t stand lines or waiting for things.

    • the grocery store stresses you out because you feel so rushed.

    • it’s Channukah time and syufganiot aren’t just your average jelly filled doughnuts. They are full of everything and decorated so pretty

    • it’s Channukah and there is a Channukiah in ever single establishment.

    • you light the channukiah in a bar as it was a normal casual thing

  • There will be more, but for now that is my short list.


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