Birthright Season is upon us

Hello friends. Sorry it has been a little longer than two weeks since I wrote my last blog and for that I am sorry. But here it is with lots of pictures to make up for the lack of pictures in my last post.

SO I got to check something amazing off of my Israel bucket list. I went to my first ISRAELI WEDDING!!!! It was seriously amazing. I learned somethings while being there. First thing that I learned was that gifts aren’t a thing here. Everyone brings money to the wedding and writes on the envelope that were provided for us. There is a pre-shmuz session with food. Then the wedding portion, which in Israel needs to be done by an Orthdox rabbi so that it is recognized. The wedding portion was super short. Literally 10 minutes. Then we went up to the reception. There was so much food, IT WAS UNREAL! There was lots of dancing and it was amazing!!! I keep thinking about how much fun I had! I am so grateful that I got to be part of this experience and got to go.

Earlier that day we went to a winery and the stalactite caves. The wine was amazing. It was so fun seeing how the wine was made and where the grapes grow. The caves were beautiful. They reminded me of some of the sense in Aladdin, which I obviously thought of, while others thought of Alice in Wonderland, which I can also see. BUT IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!

 I went up to the North for a night to visit a friend. It was beautiful. I really forgot how much I love the north. It is literally breathe taking. I enjoyed seeing my friend from camp and meeting some of her friends. Then I went to Jerusalem for Shabbat. I spent it with my HUC friends. They were all very focused on finals, but it was nice to get together to spend Shabbat together.

Last week we got a chance to meet some Israelis that are around our age in Ashdod. It was really nice to meet some people here in Ashdod that are around our age so we have people to hang out with and connect with.

On Friday last week, I went up to Hertzyalia for my friends birthday. We went to the shuk to get things before the party and it was crazy packed because it was right before Shabbat, but also because its (drumroll please) IT IS BIRTHRIGHT SEASON!!!!! I will get back to that in a minute. So we went to this little cute restaurant to get lunch. It was amazing and we could see everything being made. It was a great day and the party was really fun! Pajama dance parties are the best!

So back to BIRTHRIGHT SEASON!!! Birthright is a free trip that is offered to all Jewish people who have never been to Israel or have been on trips shorter than 3 months. It is also Israel trip season. So I have gotten to so many different people who are on Birthright trips or Israel trips. I got to Ashley, one of my best friends from camp and she is one of the big reasons why I am here. It was so nice seeing everyone that I did get to see, but seeing Ashley was really special because I got to connect with the person that encouraged me to come to Israel for these ten months. I also got the opportunity to talk to Birthright participants about coming back to Israel on a Destination Israel program, the provider for the trip I am on. It was a really fun event and I got to meet lots of different people. I LOVE BIRTHRIGHT SEASON!

Well that’s an update on my life. New Year’s tomorrow, and I wish everyone a great one!!!!

1012038_1024338190920043_388929354554615518_n(Staying classy with the wine tasting)1013320_1025294910824371_6179316331118191636_n(Welcome to the set of Aladdin)12369104_1024831177537411_6874786578588054228_n(Checking things off my Israel Bucketlist by going to an Israeli wedding)1377405_1023225697697959_5575853582929321404_n(My Chamudah (cutie in Hebrew) in the North)IMG_6636(Nothing nature can’t do to make you have all these feels)1917556_1027012857319243_5624485243887069338_n(Amazing little shuk restaurant with an open kitchen…Can I have one of everything?)IMG_6726(Just reviewing some English with these cool cats)10300497_739369127163_8981041921171361102_n(Sticking out in the crowd getting some Birthright particpants information)1914609_1028910907129438_315550923452889515_n(The biggest BAE!!!! Killin it in every sense. Thanks for being you)


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