Poetry can be fun

I wanted to try something different, so below I have wrote different poems about the past couple of weeks. ENJOY!

The Dark

A tour. Complete Darkness. Different Aspects of life. Strengthen other four senses. Trust others. Someone else’s shoes. Empathy. Understanding. Compassion. Interesting.

My Passion

Relay for Life rocks

It is starting in Israel

I get to be there

12486015_1032722646748264_7710481171955089719_o(Relay for Life Swag GALORE)


A weekend fully pack(ed)

We picked one of three track(s)

Jewish Engagement was on my mind

We all eat and dined

It is our turn

The world is waiting to learn

535135_1035172923169903_8935811480387848982_n(Just hanging with my roomie from the weekend and now a really great friend)


Birthdays are awesome!

Celebrate for awesome friends!

Free drinks all night!

IMG_6907(Celebrating Jamie!)

12489244_941131089256306_5836365967775544763_o(Celebrating Sam!)


Destination Israel


Mega event. Neon Pink. 3,000 Birthrighters. Fun. Laughs. Candy. Yoda. Coming Back to Israel. Tableing. Laughs. Making Israel Enjoyable. Staff rocks. Opportunities. Always say yes. Thank you.

1596800_1036494826371046_6394323361983923295_o(Destination Israel group at the Mega Event!)


Just some fun pictures

10583840_1035173129836549_6995942821134440910_n(Puppy Love)

12401712_1035046403182555_948750960379707716_o(She sparkles up my life!)

12508933_1035172299836632_5724209697671603855_n(When the BFF is in Israel)



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