The Desert is so Green and Chocolate is everywhere

     Life has been pretty crazy busy the past couple of weeks. That is what life is I guess. Here’s what has been going on in my life for the past couple of weeks:

     I celebrated my friend Lisa’s birthday with her and some of our friends. It was an interesting and fun night. Irit put out an ad in the local newspaper to meet people in Ashdod. My friend Katie and I went to one of these people’s houses for Shabbat, it was really wonderful. The food was amazing and the family was wonderful. I also celebrated Shabbat one week with my teacher. We celebrated her husband’s kid birthday as well as Shabbat. It was really a great night.

     Who knew that after a season of rain, the desert could be so GREEN!!! Some friends and I went hiking there for a Saturday and it was BEAUTIFUL!!!! Literally amazing! I loved hiking and how wonderful things are.

     Masa put together a little video blog/ blog contest against the different cities. They asked us to put together a blog or video blog showing off our city. Our was amazing (okay maybe I am a little bias), but WE WON!!! It was fun being part of it! We get to go to a VIP movie and spend sometime together. Here is the link to see our wonderful video:

     When I was here 7 years ago, I remember going to this amazing festival… CHOCOLATE FEST!!! It was so much fun and literally a chocolateholics dream. Well my friend Lisa and I went this year. It was not as good as when I was here 7 years ago though. It had become really downsized, but it was still fun to go. Lots of chocolate and lots of wine.

      Ramla and Ashdod had our enrichment together this past Sunday. It was Valentine’s day so we went to Max Brenner’s, a chocolate restaurant, to have a great day together. Then we went on a street art tour of Tel Aviv. It allowed me and others to really look at “graffiti” or street art. It was really wonderful. Some of us went out after our day in Tel Aviv. We found this cute little Mexican restaurant that I think became one of my new favorite places in Tel Aviv. I am excited to go back to that place.

    The past 4 months I have been working with the 5th grade and 6th grade excellence classes. The 5th graders have been working on fairy-tales and the 6th graders read this book called Sam, Bangs, and Moonshine. Both groups were working towards this excellence night presented by our school. All of the excellence classes, not just English, got to showcase what they have been working on for the past couple of months. The night was this past Wednesday. The entire night was AMAZING!!! Everyone who participated in the night and showcased their talents did a great job. My kids did SO INCREDIBLE!!!!!!! I am seriously soooo soooo proud of them. They were clear and went slow and everyone could understand them. I am so honored to be working with such amazing kids.

Well that was an update on my life, hope things are going well!

IMG_7264(The desert is so green)

IMG_7265(Oh you know the desert)IMG_7310(Chocolate fest)

IMG_7326(My valentine)

IMG_7327(Some amazing street art)

IMG_7345(Fairy Tales and Plays)

IMG_7346(My amazing excellence kids)

IMG_7349(Camp friends are the best of friends)


2 thoughts on “The Desert is so Green and Chocolate is everywhere

  1. Everything looks and sounds wonderful. So proud of you. I hear you are speaking at the CCAR next week. Fabulous. Enjoy every minute. Think you are also going to see Uncle Steve. Busy times. I am going to try to face time before work tomorrow. We love you. Nanny and Grandpa


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