A Picture is Worth 1000 words (and a video)

IMG_7361(NFTY-Northern event or Israel? Unclear at this time which we were at, but either way it was a REALLY GREAT seeing Rabbi Saks!)IMG_7364(Look at that, a tiny tiny gallery)IMG_7410(This year I am living in Ashdod, Giving to RETAMIM school.I get to wake up EVERY morning (Monday-Thursday) to go help such amazing kids learn English and boost their confidence in learning a language that isn’t their native language)IMG_7427(Enjoying our AMAZING prize for winning first prize out of all the Masa Israel Teaching Fellows. We got to go the movie and be VIPs for the night. Meaning we got a HUGE buffet and seats that reclined! Here’s the link for the video that we won: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OOyw4SwvD74&feature=youtu.be)IMG_7428(Enjoying the Shabbat FEAST that enjoyed with house Ramla)IMG_7443(King David waterfall!!! Ein Gedi is such a beautiful place to go hiking. So many beautiful waterfalls and springs!!!)IMG_7450(When the view is breathe taking, you gotta take a pano of it!)IMG_7451(Amazing friends, Amazing nature, Amazing life)

IMG_7455(Just floating around  with my woes)


(I got the opportunity to speak at CCAR about my experience here and what it has done for me. I hope you enjoy)


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