Dressing up, Parties, and Carnivals

Purim has come and gone here in Israel. It was a week of celebrations and fun. As well as hearing the Miglah of Ester, which is the story that you hear during Purim about how the Jewish people got saved from Haman by Ester and Mordachi.

Last week, during our maimonides class with Chana and Malka, we made Hamentashin, which are cookies that are filled with pretty much anything that you want. They are in the shape of a triangle, because it is said that Haman’s hat was three sided. There was nutella, peanut butter, dulce de leche, jelly, chocolate and poppy seed. After we made our hamentashins, we got to hear the in depth story of Purim. We also learned about the traditions and mitzvahs of Purim. There are four mitzvahs, 1. Giving money to the poor 2. Having a huge feast 3. Hearing the Migilah 4. Giving Mishlacot Manot gifts to family and friends. We also learned that Purim is said to be the most holiest holiday, yes that is right, even more holy than Yom Kippur. Its gave us more preparation for the week ahead.

This week was a week parties, carnivals, and fun. On Monday at school, we had safety day. Each kid seemed to have a yellow safety vest or a cop uniform. It was super cute. They brought in cops to show them their cars and and the different gadgets that they used. Then they brought in the police on horses. Some of the teachers got to ride the horses. The 6th graders wanted me to get on one. Well fun fact about me, I AM TERRIFIED OF HORSES… so my answer to the 6th graders was ABSOLUTELY NOT haha.

Tuesday at school was such a fun day. Everybody was dressed in costume. Literally everyone: parents, siblings, teachers, kids, the principal. The first thing I saw when I walked in was a red carpet with a balloon arch with Minnie and Mickey. The kids were held outside until everything was ready and the music was playing. They were all so excited to be walking down a red carpet. Everyone was taking pictures and just being so happy. It was a great start to the morning. Later in the day, there were carnival games set up and a popcorn and cotton candy stand. There was also a DJ during parts of the day. The kids basically got to go where they wanted and enjoy the day. I helped with some of the carnival games and hung out with some of the kids dancing with them and taking pictures with them. There was a point in the day that the older kids had a break. During this break their were some kids from the gan, kindergarten, came to play the carnival games. I was helping with one where you throw a ball to get it to stick on different numbers and every time he got all three on (which was every time) we would both get super excited, yell YESH! and he would give me the BIGGEST hug. It melted my heart and made it so great!

Wednesday we didn’t have school, so we went to the beach because it was beautiful outside. Then that night I went to an all woman’s party with my friend from school. We danced and had a great time.

Thursday I went up to Haifa to visit my camper Tomer. He was in two shows. One was an acrobat show and then at night he was in an improve show. It was so nice seeing him doing what he loves and being amazing at it. I am so glad I decided to go visit him for the day. It’s always great being with OSRUI family. =) Later that night I went to Ramla and we went to a party with some other Americans. It was interesting to say the least. It was fun being with celebrating Ramla teaching fellows.

Friday we went to Tel Aviv. Some of us walked around to find some Tel Aviv parties. It was really cool seeing people all over Tel Aviv dressed up. We went to a roof party and got to see Tel Aviv from a different perspective. We had a fun time and got some good food to end our wonderful day.

Overall my ratings on Purim in Israel: 10/10!!!! It has become like my new favorite holiday. I have always loved Purim, but being here and celebrating for the week has been AMAZING!!! Its so magical and such a happy holiday. It amazes me that EVERYONE really dresses up and “hides” who they are and are celebrating together. I am glad that I got to experience Purim for a second time in Israel. I really love it!!

FullSizeRender (9)(Volunteering and making new friends in the process)

IMG_7472 (Honored to hear his story after helping out at a Holocaust center)

IMG_7470 (The after math of Hamentashin bake)IMG_7509 (My teacher, the science teach and I dressed up for Purim)

IMG_7528  (Feeling like a princess for the night)

IMG_7531  (Could I get anymore prouder of this guy? No probably not!)

IMG_7534 (Enjoying sucess and frienship and family)

IMG_7547 (Rooftop party time)

IMG_7549 (My many faces and costumes for Purim this year!!! Minnie was a fan favorite, but my favorite was the 90’s)


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