Birthdays on Birthdays!!!!!!!

I have been having the time of my life!!! (Hence why I haven’t written in literally a month!) Well I am doing a lot of experiencing and living. I have been having such an amazing time in the past month! There have been lots of birthdays, including mine, and other amazing events!!!! So I wanted to share pictures from some of the great times I have been having!!! ENJOY

13220962_1114988421855019_1359318496252167025_n(When your bae comes back to Israel on a Birthright trip)13244700_1115512138469314_1574734562988203253_n(OSRUI takes over Birthright mega event)13246189_1116138045073390_1354818500630904463_o(When you yell so loud because this great guy)13307300_1117305871623274_8252382246081626103_n( Getting those names and emails from Birthrighters)

13267834_1117200038300524_2227312602263921795_n(Photobooth fun)

13255985_1117308088289719_658317268383913133_n(We did it for the magnet obviously)13245355_1117306598289868_7690396425867276256_n(קפה שחור חזק)13315501_1121682217852306_9011056481466254477_n(Found Nemo)

13331081_1122887257731802_488005446388409182_n (Just hanging out poolside)13432280_1126525684034626_5372172684100842124_n(Birthday adventure in the Kinnert)13419261_1126463330707528_1615459670998439771_n(Everything’s okay!!!)13445533_1126522917368236_237942397467789022_n(Doing big things with 24)13417526_1127157307304797_1319290892556388652_n(Birthday crew goes out)13450049_1127155933971601_3888567848387135294_n(Ringing in 24 together)13435388_1127155173971677_7714395606395586329_n(Balloons are so fun!)13435306_1127143233972871_8158504200252373491_n(Laughs and sunshine)


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