It’s See You Later, Not Goodbye

     It’s not goodbye it’s just see you later. That is what I always say when I don’t know how to handle things ending. I am finishing my 10 months in Israel. (Literally getting on a plane in 12 hours for the next step of my adventure.)

     There are not enough words to describe my experience these past 10 months; however I am going to try to do it for my last blog post in Israel. (I am planning on blogging after this because I have found peace with writing and have enjoyed it.)

      These past 10 months I have learned so much about myself, Judaism, Israel, Israeli Society, and my relationship with Israel. There have been many things that I have found challenging about living in this country. I think that it is important that when you are living somewhere that you have some challenges, it helps you grow and look at the positives of a place. Israel always will be a place that challenges me and I am going to appreciate it and welcome it. Though Israel challenges me often,  I also have so much love for this country and there are a lot of positives that I have seen. The challenges and the positives are the reasons why I love Israel so much and can call it “home”.

     The funny thing about “home” it has been said that it has to be one physical place. However my entire life I have fought with that being true. I have so many places that I consider home. Israel is one of them. The culture. The people. The Masa people I have met. They all have turned this place into “home” for me. That’s why it makes it so hard to say goodbye. I have learned that “home” isn’t a physical place. It is where your heart is. Israel, you will always have a part of my heart. Thank you for the best 10 months ever! I will be back. I promise very very soon!!!!!!

(Stay tuned for more great blog posts to come about my life. Thanks for being such loyal followers)



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